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Behind every great one is a solid pedigree foundation. At Fitz Genetics, we work to bring you breed leader and proven genetics. Our goal is to constantly be improving on an already solid foundation.


Registration Number: 3593587
Date of Birth: February 20, 2019
Dam: Campbellco Broker 26B

Pedigree and EPDs coming soon.

DelHawk Purple Bliss 1027

Registration Number: 43104085
Date of Birth: February 15, 2010
Sire: NLC 146 Pistol Pete 717 ET
Dam: MCR PPF Miss Gold Dom 206 ET

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JCS BH Karly 4662

Registration Number: 43508837
Date of Birth: May 20, 2014
Sire: Langfords 2205 ET
Dam: JCS Precious 0285

View pedigree and EPDs.

BF 2395 Tessa 429B

Registration Number: 43508578
Date of Birth: March 29, 2014
Sire: JCS Open Range 2395 ET
Dam: BF 828U Tessa 155Y

View pedigree and EPDs.

DSUL Centerpiece 140C et

Registration Number: 43627460
Date of Birth: April 2, 2015
Sire: DKF RO Cash Flow 0245 ET
Dam: DSUL Brooke 940W ET

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Fitz Fantasia 601

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